Hardcover launch day - shout out to all readers 🥸

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Hey folks, Today's the big day for one of the products I've been tirelessly working on - Hardcover. A book app that's also a social network, aiming to offer readers and authors a place to support and inspire each other. It's been an amazing journey to have this as a side project. And rousing to work in a distributed team all around the world to deliver this beta launch. Just wanted to say this to all makers - find a project that you love, put in the effort and it will pay off. I've had many projects go in all sorts of directions, but this is the first one of this magnitude that made it on ProductHunt. It's my first launch, so can I get some support? Upvote it and leave a comment over here 👉 https://www.producthunt.com/post...


Nishith from True Sparrow
Ste! Love what you are building. You are on to something. We really need a better goodreads. Good luck! Gladly supported.
@nishith_shah Thanks so much 🙏 And yes, can't agree more! Grateful for some wonderful users and much support, it gives us plenty of fuel to deliver something better every day 🔥