Does anyone have experience with Product Hunt's Ship?

Nico Prananta
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Is it useful? Is it worth paying?


Matthew Johnson
Hey - we do. IMO the tool itself isn't great, and the value really comes from being able to promote to the PH community. There are lots of spam accounts, and the subscribers you do get aren't necessarily super interested in your product - lots of people just hit that subscribe button on lots of products. However, it does help a bit with signal if you are trying to validate ideas that are relevant to the PH audience. I wrote up a blog on how we use it here if helpful
David J. Kim
@mattcrail Agreed on this. I've had experience with Ship myself and although it's not bad it's not too great either. It's also not something I would imagine using *outside* of ProductHunt.
Victor David
@mattcrail I know I'm late to this topic, but wanted to say thanks for the article. I'm new here and not sure if Ship is the way to go, but I got a better sense of it from your post.
Zaher Ghaibeh
I am not sure about it as I didn't use it, but if you are getting it for the AWS credit then yet it is worth, I mean you will pay nearly $700 and get $5000 in AWS credit :D not sure about the other feature, you can always start with a month or two then decide if there is any value or not from it