Advice on ending sales demo that can close the deal?

Nico Prananta
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Last week I did my first sales demo to a company for my product, Coparrot It went great, and got positive responses and feedback. But it didn't end up with them subscribing. It was my first time doing a sales demo, so I think I lack the skill to end the demo which could end up with them subscribing. Any practical advice on this? Like, do I need tell them to subscribe to a plan immediately? How to do that without sounding pushy and desperate?


Mark McFarlane
This sounds like a classic customer development problem. If this was your first sales demo, perhaps it's worth focusing on learning more than getting sales. You might find it useful to ask them why they didn't immediately want to subscribe, and what was missing that might have made them want to? You can use this information to not just improve your product (or kill it and stop wasting your time and resources if it's clear there's no demand), but also to learn how to better advertise/sell it. In general, I'd suggest not to put any value in words (e.g. positive responses and feedback), and focus instead on behaviours (purchases, engagement, other types of investment, etc).