Does anyone else feel that the Bitcoin Bear market is just beginning?

Andrew C.
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I have been seeing a whole bunch of articles mentioning that the Bitcoin bear market is just beginning and its kinda getting to my head now. Im bullish on bitcoin and will always be but with big time people like the co founder of Huobi and others saying otherwise gets me worried. any thoughts ?


Nina Petrov
For more than half a year, the fall has been without a hitch. Out of 4 falls, only 1 has been retested. Got used to it so to speak. Sentiment as distrustful as possible. Bearish. Any sane bullish scenario can be safely laughed at. Open interest is unloaded to last year's market lows. We have an un-traded zone of 22500-28k. Just a magnet for closing imbalances (classic, not smart-money). There is a big divergence on the higher timeframes. I understand your concerns, and I have them too, but because of common denominators I have to bull to 28k-30k... and then I'll reconsider my interests and the market as a whole. But these are mainly short term ideas, i am working on an article which will be a 1-2 years view on bitcoin price in the future. Thoughts and chart analysis of what price I expect and what it could be.
Amanda Trincher
Everything is possible, but now there are so many businesses and projects on the market that use bitcoin that I think this will not happen soon. I read in an article that even some online casinos have started accepting bitcoin as payment for bets.
Migu Rico
Even now 7 months after the initial post in this thread I can't say confidently whether we are in a bear market or not :) some coins are still too expensive but still it is high time to choose the best trading platform for you to make the first purchases when it is the best moment and the coins you like cost twice less than now. I would choose some of these two platforms
Andrew C.
@migu_rico oh yeh... absolutely Rico i was just getting my hopes up, when yesterday BTC tanked again