Andrew C.
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With the recent drop in BTC price; are you HODLING???


Florina Gruters
The basic concept behind bitcoin was to offer everybody, regardless of social rank or location, free access to this financial tool. One new cryptomoneta cost a little more than a dollar just after it appeared. Those who were able to acquire virtual assets shortly after their debut were affluent a year later without performing any business. After 12 years, the first coin cost more than $60,000, and a cryptocurrency trading account cost even more. However, you can predict indefinitely, and as a result, the Bitcoin exchange rate is only determined by one factor -demand.
Osborn Tyler
Personally, I choose to invest in cryptocurrencies. I see the future in it and today it is clear to everyone. A responsible step in this case will be the choice of a trading platform. My favourite is crypto arbitrage The user-friendly interface allows me to easily navigate the menu, and thanks to the fast withdrawal of funds, I don't have to worry about my investments.