Do you think marketing is probably more important than the product itself?

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Pedro Kwinski
mmmm in some ways it but in long term no
no at least not longterm. Marketing without product doesnt really work (longterm) but product without marketing works (shortterm). So in the end its about the timehorizon
Urvi Patel
A quality product is like a Home, where marketing is the Door!
Miri Blayckher
Not more important, no.But defiantly VERY important. Create an amazing proudct and not one knows about it, or you market it with the wrong massage - even an amazing product will struggle to succeed in these conditions
Natalie Karakina
For newcomers – maybe, but you can't be good at marketing with a bad product in the long period
Oleksandra Zubal
It's equally important. What's the point if it brings you new users and product doesn't bring value? Or, say, there is a brilliant product that solves a pain and nobody knows about it. It's about balance.
Ritesh Sinha
I think it depends on the target users for product, If your product is for B2C then yes extensive marketing will be required in initial days for product adoption but if product is good, intuitive and solve the user problem to which it is intended, it will run with word of mouth of users as they will suggest it to their friends and relative.
Emma Phượng Nguyễn
It depends on where you are. For saturated markets where it is all about stories of customer experience, it would be better to do marketing first. For deep (emergent) technology, this should not -- Theranos is an example.
Audrey Rampon
Not in the long term. Great marketing without a solid product and you create disappointment.
Jacob Varghese
Your marketing has to connect the user to the value of the product. The product has to deliver on the value promise. If you do this consistently you have a brand that will be bigger than both.
Jannis Dust
I lately talked about a comparable question in one of my videos. In my opinion, you need awareness for your product to have enough opportunities to validate and iterate. If you have no awareness, there's literally no chance. Obviously, it depends on the stage you are in, but I'd say: Marketing first (aka in the beginning), Product Building second. Just don't forget to actually build the product 😂
Rich Melany
No, it should be the Product quality concerned important first before marketing. How can you market the Product if its not in good Quality.
Cica-Laure Mbappé
Neither can live without the other. But what comes first is the quality of the product and the value proposition before any marketing strategy.
andrew moore
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Isabel Nyo
If you look at The Creator System (on product hunt), 60 to 70 percent of tasks are about marketing. So yes, marketing is more important than product. It doesn’t sound right but it’s the truth. Just think about it, an great product doesn’t reach anyone if nobody knows about it but an average product can reach millions with great marketing. An ideal solution is to do great at both product and marketing.
Al Faisal
Absolutely not. You see, Tesla Motors has no marketing team, no chief marketing officer (CMO), and no advertising agency. They just focus on the quality of the product. And you can see the result. I'm not saying marketing is not important. In fact ,for many products (such as online courses) marketing is a must. But never the marketing is more important than the product itself. Hope you understand!
John Delavera
When you're creating your product spend 80% of your time on creation and 20% on marketing. After you create the product spend 80% on marketing and 20% on development/support, etc.