Do you prefer working remote, in-office or mixed? Why?

Martina Hackbartt
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Greetings Hunters! I wanted to know what are the stats in this community regarding remote, in-office, and mixed work. I'd also love to hear your personal opinion on why you prefer one thing over the other, and what you consider the advantages and downsides are. Have a good week! :)


Alina Ihnatiuk
Hey! I like working remotely. I can plan my day. I like to choose a place where I will work today - a house or a cafe. I like the freedom of my movement. I like to wake up when I want))
Martina Hackbartt
@antonovna Changing the setting sounds like a great idea! I usually forget I have that option (I work and study 100% remote), but I'll definitely do it more often. Thank you for sharing! :)
@antonovna @martina_hackbartt Same I like being able to work from either my desk, dining room table or sofa. Or a public space if I feel like it. Although I came across a really good article this week by Zapier about doing different work tasks in different places. E.g content Creation = Cafe. Research= Desk or library etc
Pierre Kraus
Hybrid, it gives me flexibility when I need while keeping relationships in person.
Rucha Joshi
@pierre_kraus I agree I hybrid is the best of both the worlds. the one thing I really miss while working remotely is the social time with me co-workers. I am curious how you managed to socialised with your team during the lockdowns?
Pierre Kraus
@rucha_joshi8 Before joining Telios last June, I was interning for a bank as a data analyst and had the chance to choose if I wanted to work in person and/or remote. Some of my team members were on campus, so it was easy. For the others, we would catch up outside of work to grab drinks. What about you?
Rucha Joshi
@pierre_kraus Oh that's a neat set-up. We were working remotely under strict lockdowns last year and I began to feel quite distanced from the team - as any conversation was only about work. We then started a weekly video call where we'd just hang out and play online games. That really helped to feel connected because we were all being silly together and talking about what was up in our lives.
Pierre Kraus
@rucha_joshi8 A strict lockdown is no joke, it becomes very hard to maintain social relationships. And you guys found a smart way to stay connected and have fun. All the best!
Esti Iosifov
In office, mainly because of my friends and the great coffee (and cookies) at the office! πŸ˜‰
Rachel Levitz
Definitely prefer mixed! You get some quiet time at home, and the benefits of going into the office.
Angi Bowman
I love having a mixed/hybrid option. It's so much easier to collaborate with coworkers in the office, but the flexibility and productivity in remote is fantastic. It's the best of both worlds for our teams.
Jaskiran Kaur
I think both have their pros and cons. I think if I am not that well but can still work Remote or work from home will be great otherwise I prefer working from Office as it is more fun to work with colleagues and if needed help, it is done early.
I work remotely, but now I would prefer to work in the office several times a week. The fact is that at home I don't have a clear distinction between work and personal time and it seems that I'm always at work, while there are very few new impressions and physical movement. Working in an office at least a few days a week would solve this problem. On the other hand, in this scenario, I would have to live in the city where the office is located.
Martina Hackbartt
@iren_bioinformatician Hi Iren! I agree with you, I have never worked in-office, but I would really like to try a mixed schedule given that the line between study-work-personal life is way too blurry and I feel like I never fully disconnect. Physical movement and in-person interactions are also too unfrequent. (Btw, I'm a biology and bioinformatics student as well. I would love to talk to you some time about what you do!). Thank you for sharing your thoughts! :)
@martina_hackbartt Hi, Martina! It's great to meet a colleague here! :) Write to me on facebook, I will be glad to talk!
Margarita Shvetsova
The hybrid option seems to be the best fit for most people (we even wrote an article about it, as it's the preferred way in our company: - but I personally love working remotely and have been doing it for years now. I'm an introvert and get tired of the buzz in the office very quickly. Also, if you work from home, you can turn on the music you like and no headphones needed ;)
Martina Hackbartt
@margarita_s88 Hi Margarita! Thank you for sharing your opinion, I'll definitely take a look at the article. For me, it's not only the buzz in the office but also the commuting, I find it really tiring! working remotely I find the time to do more things :)
Margarita Shvetsova
@martina_hackbartt oh, that's right too! In my city, if I have to commute to work, it will take me at least 2 hours a day (and I know for some people it will take even longer than that!) Though I noticed some people take this commuting time as a way to slowly switch from home to work, from work to home. It is good to have this extra time for switching (and sometimes - for reading something while on your way home, too) - but 2 hours daily... thanks, but no thanks xD
Rucha Joshi
Hybrid all the way for me. I would not mind even an extended remote period with only meeting my teams once a quarter. That way I could work from anywhere in the world- maybe from a 🏝 and when I see my team we can hash out the big decisions, the roadmap and strengthen team bonds! @martina_hackbartt what is your work situation like currently?
Martina Hackbartt
@rucha_joshi8 Hi, Rucha! I really like the idea of working from anywhere in the world and would love to try it someday. Regarding my situation, I'm currently a student at university (I study biology and bioinformatics) and I work part-time 100% remotely (my team is composed of people from all places but mainly Europe, and I live in South America, so in-office wouldn't be an option). I have never worked in-office since my previous jobs were also from abroad, but I'd love to try hybrid someday! What about you?
Pallavi Jaisinghani
I've been working remotely with Walkover for 6+ years now & it has been working well for both the parties :P Once, you have the freedom of working as a freelancer, it's difficult to get stuck in 9 to 5 thing.
Martina Hackbartt
@pallavi_jaisinghani Sure, I agree! I've never worked in-office nor in set hours so it's hard to think about having less freedom, comfort and time to do other stuff!
Andre Kay
Storytime! I'm Andre, a Serial Tech Entrepreneur, Author and Investor. In 2019, way before the pandemic hit, I had set in motion a plan to transition to remote working at the end of our lease (which was the end of 2020). So coincidentally, the pandemic hit (not a great thing), and we were forced to start working remotely sooner than expected. But the reason I wanted my team and I to work remotely was because, I also had a goal of living with my wife and kids in a different country, city, state, etc for 3 months of the year, every year. And if I was going to do that, I also wanted my team the freedom to do it as well. We're hoping to fully start it next year.... wish me luck lol.
Martina Hackbartt
@andre_kay Hi Andre! At least you had already started to set in motion the plan and didn't have to think of it last-minute! The best of luck!
Daniil Glezer
Mixed because it's easier to communicate in the office and more fun just being with people, but if you have errands or stuff to do midday you can work from home and do them
Alex Hammond
Work remote, then spend the time and money you save not commuting on nice lunches/coffees/wine with your favourite people to maintain face to face relations
Martina Hackbartt
@alex_hammond2 Hi, Alex! Absolutely agree on this, it's basically why I work and study 100% remote. Thank you for sharing
Vanessa Onuegbu
Mixed, because it gives us a chance to still connect irl with co-workers and have more efficient meetings/presentations but remote because we've seen that coming into the office everyday is not necessary
christian graves
for us (@lmbk · @wtfh) hybrid has worked best, ya gotta be sure to pin onboarding, comms + docs the ✨ happens when there's cultural fit + people who are comfy in async
Collin Thompson
Light mix, hahahaha. It's great to see your colleagues every once in a while, but the day to day- commute, endless meetings, and just general un-productivity is kinda horrible. I've run a full remote team for years now and we often just pick a city and meetup for a week to discuss things and enjoy each others time. I guess the world is our office hahaha.
Tanya Kapoor
Hi @martina_hackbartt I prefer working mixed. I believe going to office is also important because you get to know a lot about your organization, your colleagues, and the working culture. You get to meet new people, interact with them and it also develops your personality. What do you prefer?