Do you prefer remote or office meetings?

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Can you explain why?


Srishty Chaudhary
I think WFH has made us comfortable and it is easy as well because you can do it from anywhere.
@srishty_chaudhary exactly, I love to be able to tell myself that I can see for example my family that is far enough away or friends because I could work from home
christian graves
hey! great question... i have found it depends on what you're working on... as a designer meeting in person to scope + vibe on different challenges is much easier where possible irl doing code reviews, growth and content is much better async over video and voice
@christianagraves Totally, it depends on the missions we have and whether we do them as a group or alone. That’s why I love the hybrid: part of the week in the office and part of the week working from home
Fariz Hakim
@christianagraves samesies! I hate doing iterating on designs and ideas are much better and easier in real life, although the annotate feature on Zoom etc helps, still not the same. But other than that, I'm ok with remote meetings :)
Michael Silber
The cop out answer is it depends. So long as everyone on a remote call has reasonable video and voice, it kinda just depends on what you're trying to accomplish. That being said, there are now so many great multi-player tools (e.g. Google docs, Figma, Miro) that work great when everyone is looking at their own screen. When everyone knows how to use them, I find those meetings to be really productive. Anyone can contribute instead of just one person driving the meeting.
@product_at_producthunt I agree with you, it all depends on the type of mission and the personality of each person. But it is certain that tool level, especially with the novelties that arrive in launch on product hunt, we have something to be productive!
Sam Tan
@product_at_producthunt I don't think that's a cop out! I'm the same way with my team. Whilst remote meetings are great for day to day crap, I find that for my team being all in the same location (face-to-face) can really unlock creativity. It's easy to sneakily open your emails on video calls and get distracted doing other work. Where face-to-face it's harder to do that. What I've implemented with my team is quarterly face to face meetings where we plan out strategy, roadmap and any large campaigns. This seems to work well.
Adam Casole-Buchanan
I'm biased - we're a remote team. And I do enjoy remote working. But, those two or three times a year our entire team gets together, and do some work around a big table...those moments are really special. And productive.
@adamcbuchanan I think that because your habit is to telework you really enjoy being with others around a round table because these are rare moments. Conversely, I think that someone who is always in the office greatly appreciates working from home once or twice a year
Alexandra Cote
This is def a matter of personality, I feel I'm much more efficient and also better at managing remote meetings.
@alexandracote yep, it's depend of what you prefer, personally I like the hybrid, I find it nice to be able to see my colleagues in the week and that we are working on common topics at this time, and to be more effective on my own files alone at home for example
Saksham Pathak
Yes because you can eat, walk yawn(sometimes sleep), dance in the middle of the meeting and without anyone seeing/judging you 😂😂😅. Also there are less conflicts. Which one do you prefer?
@saksham_pathak Aha yes ! And of course wearing pajama pants or jogging! 😂😂 I prefer the hybrid, part of the week teleworking so I can more easily manage my missions without being too disturbed and be more flexible on my schedule. And be in the office to manage common tasks and see my colleagues!
WFH is more efficient, 90% of the time For big strategic decisions, office meetings are important
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Even tho sometimes I miss the presence of people, I must say that remote meetings are totally preferable in my case... You can do it from anywhere, you do not have to have certain manners, dressing codes, etc... It is so relieving! On the other hand - the most important feature is freedom :D Usually, meetings in at least 50% of the cases are wasting of own time that you can spend more productively. Remote meetings definitely allow you to use your time better even during calls. Even in simple ways such as ''oh let me prepare coffee while I am listening to this''. Doing something else in group meetings while listening is something widely unacceptable due to people's prejudices of not having a full focus. I must disagree, and I believe everyone knows when a full attention mode has to be totally on, and when is just enough to hear, understand and adopt knowledge... ^_^ All my likes to remote meetings! ^_^
Ana Dodig
I find that video meetings are more efficient, most of the time. We keep them as short as possible with a focus on the most important points. Especially weekly meetings. For major strategic and team decisions, office meetings are important and more convenient, due to energy between people in live, but they can be also done in remote without a problem.
Cathy Patalas
Office as it's more interactive, my whole team is more engaged and everyone openly shares their ideas, much better than via Google Meet
Alexander Savy
If it complex decision - in the office. If it's a short meeting or an easy decision - then absolutely by video
Marc Gingras
I try to avoid meetings all together - but when I have them, if they are introduction meetings, remote works for me. But for strategy and brainstorming sessions, nothing can beat in person. So, all in all - hybrid.
Launching soon!
Hey Enola, I, personally, prefer to work physically with a team. It gives me the motivation to not only accomplish my routine tasks but I'm also able to move past my limits. On the other hand, working remotely has its own advantages, however, as for me, it does not gives the required amount of inspiration to make great things happen! So, yes, office meeting for me!
vaibhav pachalla
Personally, I prefer remote meetings. I find that they are much more convenient for in person meetings. I understand that there may be time when you need to be in person, but short of that, I would rather meet online.
Carlo Thissen
I think the office becomes the new "off-site". Carefully planned and focused on social connections. Office only for social events and team bonding sessions. For everything else: remote is far more efficient.
Lucia Liu
I think it really depends, I do love the flexibility WFH offers but in person meetings are good too.
Vanshika Chaturvedi
In terms of comfort- I would definitely choose a remote meeting! What can be better than sipping a cup of coffee in your favorite cafe and nodding to the ideas? Or simply enjoying a sunset on your terrace and presenting a slide? But to be very honest, I feel that human interaction IN PERSON is what brings out some of the best ideas. People are more focused, more serious and they somehow work better when they have office meetings. So though for comfort, a remote meeting is preferred, my vote for productive preference goes to office meetings!
Nikola Dimitrov
Most of us has choosen Visioconferencing, even me. But still Office meeting is always most effective and productive.