Your favorite social network ?

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What's your favorite ? For business : LinkedIn but for free time : TikTok ! And you ? 🚀


Maxwell Davis
Twitter for me - only place I build real relationships and don't get spammed....
@maxwellcdavis I totally agree with you, we are so spammed every time on a lot of social netfwork, a real hell sometimes !
Mikhail Ivanenko
YouTube and Linkedin lately. Cut my time down on FB and Insta
Elena Cirera
LinkedIn is my favorite Social network; It is the most extensive professional social network that helps me grow in professional life.
@elena_cirera LinkedIn for me too is the best at the professional level. It helps me a lot in particular in my marketing strategy, define the needs and take the tips during pro conversations!
Instagram for easy promotion.
@travoline_t Of course, the instagram promotion is much easier to implement. In your experience, does it convert better than other networks?
Björn Morén
Twitter, but I wish to move away. Still stuck, because the people I follow are only on Twitter.
@bjorn_moren And where do you want to go if you leave twitter ?
Björn Morén
@enola_vedovotto Doesn't matter, as long as it is a free speech platform, that doesn't censor users for any reason, and doesn't get involved in politics.
Diaspora*, hands down. If is the best of many worlds at the same time: - It allows long posts like Facebook, and comments - It allows following without the other party needing to accept you, like Twitter - It does not force you to use your real name, like every save social network in the old days - It allows segmented posting, like Google+ did (actually, Google+ copied that from Diaspora*) Try it out. You will just love it.
@simplytedel Oh great, I didn't know it ! I will try ;)