how to find the right people to target to sell your product ?

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Daniel Engels
Your question is so open. What's your product, to begin with? B2C or B2B?
@daniel_engels For B2B, we have just made an application for videoconferences that boosts the productivity of teams by collecting new data and automating many tasks such as CRM entry. As this product is ultimately aimed at a lot of sectors and responds to several problems of several types of companies and professions, it is difficult to know who to target at first.
Maja Perovic Baines
@daniel_engels @enola_vedovotto I used to run marketing teams at B2B companies so here is my take. If you are an MVP your first task is to get some customers that will use your product for free or very low cost and share their feedback. This will help you build an initial tight community, polish the product, polish the messaging and get some social proof out there. We are talking about 6 months to a year depending what market segments your clients are from SMB, mid-market or enterprise. To get to these first clients you need to understand your USPs. It can be only one, but very strong one. Whit what audience do you think it resonates best? Then polish our your Ideal Customer persona: - What market segment are you after - What industry and subindustry based on the problems - What is the size of the company (it will be extremely difficult to go after enterprise level companies. Too small the company and they might not use CRMs for example, or they just do not see value in any task automations. Maybe you need sales-heavy organisations, or B2B companies targeting large organisations as they see the most value in using CRM constantly....ask yourself all these questions). - Can you focus on a specific territory? Your best bet is country you are coming from. Most important - can your founders introduce you to some of the companies' decision makers? Once your ICP is done, work on your buyer persona - who is the person that sees most benefits out of it? Are we talking sales, BDs, SDRs? And then - your best bet is cold email outreach - get the data of those people from Linkedin (you can use tools like (we will be launching soon)), find their business emails and shoot an email campaign. In the best case scenario, the ICP and BP exercise should have come before anything :) Good luck with your product.
Launching soon!
For this, you need: 1) Your buyer persona. 2) Identify who needs your product, why they need it, and how they will find you? 3) What are the backgrounds, demographics, or key identifiers? Answers to all these questions will help you in identifying your target market.
Sneha Saigal
Personally, been really involved in this process to find product-market fit for my product - GEXPR I think what works best is customer interviews and trials with different audiences. Create a landing page and get some initial response/feedback form that will directly tell you what users want, who is signing up, what they like/need, and so on.
Roberto Morais
I imagine it is probably a bit late for my suggestions but I like to think of it the other way around. So, I usually start with either the distribution channel (where my potential customers go for information) or with the community, and build the product from there. That way it is easier to solve a real problem and you already know who the right people are and where to talk to them.
Raymond Allen
To find the right people to target and sell your product, conduct thorough market research, identify your ideal customer persona, and leverage various marketing channels to reach and engage with your target audience effectively.
Anne Hughes
Finding the right people to sell your product requires defining your target market, understanding their needs and preferences, and utilizing data-driven insights to tailor your marketing strategies, ultimately connecting with potential customers who are most likely to be interested in what you offer.
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