Do you prefer a 4 or 5 day week?

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Explain why just here πŸ‘‡βœ¨


Jan Beisheim
Depends what stage of your career you are in I guess. If you want to grow, learn and make progress I think a 5 day week (+ maybe more) is essential for some years. To then be able to enjoy a 4 day week and have time to spend with family & friends. What's your take on it?
@jan_beisheim When you have more experience it is normal to go faster on certain tasks and therefore to save time! I think like you!
Jan Beisheim
@enola_vedovotto "If I do a job in 30 minutes it’s because I spent 10 years learning how to do that in 30 minutes. You owe me for the years not the minutes." ;)
I think 5 days a week is fine, but I would definitely reduce working time daily.. Except in exceptional situations (when you simply have to and you are highly motivated to do it) - it's impossible to be 8h continuously focused and highly productive. Saving energy daily (focusing it smartly and without a pressure, on a less business hours) can increase quality of work and quality of life surely.. ^_^
I prefer 5-day week, because- It can reduce your stress per day as you have an additional day to get things done. Plus, I think weekends and off-hours time period after work are enough to take a pause, reflect on the things and enjoy.
Dylan Merideth
more like 7, but by choice! I think if we scaled and had hires, I would let them choose. I worked a 4 day week before in a previous company and found that more pleasant than the five day week and also found that I got more done in less time
I Prefer 5 days of working in week. Because it's enough. LandstarOnline It's 5 days sorry for that(%)