Do you have any opinion about difference between case studies and customer stories?

Sreekanth PM
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When it comes to case studies and customer stories, i always find it confusing. DO you have clarity on what differentiates both? In my opinion it is Case study: Often emphasize on ROI, with data and statistics, usually written by experts/solution provider. Customer Story: Usually a happy customer writes their experience with the solution provider/product. Any thoughts?


Sudisha Mishra
I think you pretty much hit the spot. Case studies are in-depth analysis written by the in-house marketing team generally. It's written from a company's point of view, how our product improved a particular company's stack. Customer stories on the other hand, are testimonials. They come from the consumer directly.
Jaskiran Kaur
I think, case studies have a lot of detailed knowledge and analysis of the product , whereas customer's stories are in lamen language which assist other customers as well. Both have their own importance and value regarding product.
Sreekanth PM
@jaskiran_kaur Thank you Jaskiran for your response. Yeah, customer stories may be on a surface level experience of customer.