Do you charge users in beta phase?

Sreekanth PM
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Hi Friends, We are planning to launch in beta by coming August. As of now we had got some 30+ subscribers signed up for early access. I would like to know your opinion in following things 1. How much time you go in closed Beta? We plan to have for 3 Months. 2. Do you charge users while in beta? 3. Do you give perks to users? If Yes, in what form? It will be great if some guidance will be given as we are for the first time.

Hi, we launched the beta phase at about 8 months ago with some LinkedIn posts and setting up a landing page with a web form. And coding an email marketing tool that automated emails to testers who filled out the web-form. We ran the Beta for about 4 months during which we got about 150 testers.
While Qinaps is bootstrapped we didn't offer any monetary incentive, instead we gave them free access to the writing application for a year. But from experience I know that a lot of companies do offer discount coupons with coupon-codes etc. and almost certainly no-one charges testers during a Beta,
Sreekanth PM
Thanks for your detailing. We are also planning to give some benefits in terms of usage.