Did you ever hesitate building your product because there were similar solutions out there?

I recently came across a dilemma. I was going to build something which is not very popular, however, I could find tools/products that were quite similar to it. Even though what I build stands out in a few significant ways, I was slightly intrigued by it. How does an owner/creator deal with this? How to go over this?


Aurelian Spodarec
Its an easy answer for me. If there are similar products out there, my question is "Can I do it better?" - if the answer is yes, I go and do it. I also realise, that my odds are against me since I'm "late" to the party. However, you'll never be in a place where you're 100% confident you can do it or something else doesn't exist. Chances are, everything we build probably exist somewhere, unless you're a billionaire trillionare trying to create a bus to mars. If I can only do 5% better I won't bother with it. Plus, can I learn something from this experience meanwhile even if I was to fail? And are the chances of me doing something are big enough? I just go for it.
Ng Fang Kiang
There are similar goals. However, it is better to build different things with different solutions.
Stefan Morris
Coca-Cola dominates the market, yet is not the only game in town. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ca... You'll be fine if you have a product that people like, I think.
I'm having this dilemma right now actually - I can see 2 products that haven't been worked on that I think I can improve. But it's going to be hard to attract the communities away....