What are the best channels and approaches to use to get maximum product signups pre-launch?

I know we have Product Hunt's Ship. However, I want to understand what are the best strategies and methods to use for the pre-launch of a product so as to get maximum signups. What have you used? What has worked out and what hasn't?


Jakub Piskor
No-code solopreneur | Userdome.com
It's not my experience because I joined after my product launch but I found Indie Hackers very helpful to attract first users/visitors and get valuable feedback. Also, I saw many others successfully leverage sites like IH, PH and Twitter to build audience before launch. I like this article from Bram Kanstein on how he launched the #1 most upvoted product of all time on PH: https://bit.ly/3FPxVnZ He talks what he did before launch, so maybe it could be valuable to you.
Sidhdharth Sivasubramanian
Building products @ Nyx Wolves & Ajna AI
@jakub_piskor Thanks a lot Jakub.