Cold emailing🧊- What are your best practices?

Martina Hackbartt
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Hi, all! So for all of us leading the development of early-stage startups, we know reaching out to new prospects and making B2B interactions is tough. Cold emails are necessary, but how can we make them as good as possible? Do you have any tips/ideas on making cold email less... cold? What has worked for you in terms of reaching out to new people?


Ludovico Petrali
Hi Martina! I am in a similar situation, so thanks for bringing this up. I look forward to see the comments. What is very difficult, at least for me, is to understand what/when to rely on tools and automate and when to use the classic - slow & real - human approach. I use rocketreach to find emails and tried sales navigator on Linkedin and tested Mailchimp, all good but not gamechangers. I would like to test more... do you have any insights to share as well?
Martina Hackbartt
@ludovico_petrali Hi Ludovico! I agree with you. Automation seems like a good way to go, since it allows reaching out to more people in less time. I'm a bit worried about the personalization factor, though... the emails might be a bit too cold and less answerable. I guess there is no correct answer, just trying out all of the alternatives. By the way, we use SNOV to find emails. We're still testing it out.
Brian Regan
Previously answered this question here: If you're interested in tools:, Grain, HG Insights, GetProstect and Calendly will get you off the ground 💪
Martina Hackbartt
@brian_regan Hey Brian, thanks for sharing! Allow me to copy your answer so that it's available here as well: "I've done cold emailing. It isn't easy, but if you put in the work upfront and are willing to experiment you can get good results (real customers). If you put in the work to define your ICP, user personas and are ruthless about collecting only those contacts, you will have much more success. In my experience this type of work has increased engagement (opens, replies, booked meetings) from low 10-20% up to 70-80%. I also wouldn't rely on 'replies' as the only metric to rely on whether a campaign is effective. You will want to track how many emails are opened and how many times those emails are opened. Lastly on this point, following up on LinkedIn after your cold email is the most effective tactic I've used to date".
Harpreet Kaur
Hi Martina, As a SaaS founder of a platform that is being used by agencies for outreach, I just wrote about this topic here - Hope you find this useful!
Martina Hackbartt
@harpreet_kaur08 Hey Harpreet! Thanks a lot for sharing. Will check it out!
I make them less cold by asking a question first. Something like… "Hello XYZ staff, Who should I contact to talk about a marketing-related negotiation with your company, please? Regards, John Doe" (Adapt as you deem convenient.) Once you get an answer, you have the information you need to go to the next step; and, at the same time, they are already aware of your intentions when you write your next e-mail.
Junior Owolabi
I draft cold email templates and post them in the Copywriter or Marketing subreddits, they help me tailor it just right