Best product/ tool/ service to manage your Social media?

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Hi Hunters! As we step into this new year, many of us would find ourselves in a similar situation to mine. Should I stick to the existing product. platform. service or try a new social media tool/ platform/ product? I have used many platforms to create, schedule, manage social media posts, conversations and engagement. Each tool comes with its own set of Pro's and Cons. Some allow integration with CRM while some really have a cool analytics dashboard to help you do things with the help of data. Looking for recommendations on which social media tool is preferred by you/ your company. Would appreciate some suggestions.


Fabian Maume
I'm using missinglettr to distribute my content from medium to other social media: I'm also using QApop to repurpose my content on Quora. I will sometimes use Phantombuster to automate some actions, but it is usually for use case rather than content distribution.
@fabian_maume Thank you. I already see that missinglettr can help one of my use cases. Learnt about QApop today, would definitely check it out. Thank you for taking out time and giving passing on some valuable suggestions!
Sooraj Divakaran
Both Buffer and Hootsuite are my go-to platforms.
Ira GI
I love trying new things. I plan to try something from this list
I like desktop apps, so… - Cawbird for Twitter - Dianara for Pump - Tootle for Mastodon …work great for me.