Whats the best time to launch your product on Product hunt?

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@kevin Is the buzz around launching at 12 AM PST true?
flo merian
Launching soon!
@nick_mapup Hi Nick, great topic! From the Product Hunt blog: "There is no single best time, but there are considerations to keep in mind. The homepage is based on a 24 hour cycle, new products hit the homepage at 12:01am PST and are added throughout the day. Product Hunt does not adjust for time zones so be sure to double check you are launching at the time you’d like to in PST. There is no “magic” time to post, but it’s best practice to do it before 9am PT so there’s enough time in the day for people to discover and discuss your latest creation. If you decide to schedule your post ahead of time, that time is also based on PST." In short, if there's no magic time, launching at 12:01 AM PST would give you maximum exposure.
@fmerian Thank you so much for the insights! Was confused about the fact PH adjusting its according to the time zones. This helps. We are new on Product hunt and are gearing for a launch soon, valuable insights like these would really help us. Thanks again, will keep these pointers in mind.