Best piece of feedback you've ever recieved

Sanja Mitar
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What's the best piece of personal feedback you've ever received that influenced your growth?


Jamie Bursey
I'll always be grateful for a conversation I had with this woman sitting next to me on a flight to Bathurst, NB. Among many things she said "lead yourself confidently and politely through this world. It is your path, you will choose how far to go." I asked her to repeat it so I could write it down. πŸ™
Sanja Mitar
@jamie_bursey That is so incredible!! No wonder you wanted to write it down
Qudsia Ali
Nobody is perfect. As quoted by Elizabeth Gilbert, 'embrace the glorious mess that you are." This is the best advice I have received so far, and it has helped me do what is needed most at the time instead of trying to do everything perfectly.
Sanja Mitar
@qudsia_ali Couldn't agree more, Qudsia. It's so easy to forget that and to operate under the guise of reaching for perfection only to realize it doesn't exist.
There is no failure, only feedback.
Anna Mandziuk πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦
I will probably remember it forever! I was a kid and loooved writing. I started writing stories at 10 or 11. I was shy to show them to adults, because the first one I showed them to was pretty critical, so I thought they were very bad. However, one time my mom's brother saw me write one and got interested in reading it. When I was giving my story to him, my hands were trembling like a branch in the wind πŸ™ƒ I remember the next day when we saw each other, he handed it back to me and said "You know, you have a real talent in this! Sign it for me so that I could sell it when you're famous." I know that the story was probably far from a masterpieceπŸ˜… But it gave me a real push to study and pursue a career in writing!
Sanja Mitar
@anna_mandziuk Aww that is so nice and inspiring! Thanks for sharing :)