How much time per day do you spend looking for information?

Sanja Mitar
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Hey PH community! ✨ If you're like me, you're non stop storing information throughout your day in the form of notes, presentations, docs, and communications with your team. We are constantly bombarded with information daily and that got me thinking - how much time do I waste looking for relevant and highly important information per day? I set a timer this week and on average have spent 35 mins per day searching for information 😱 Some of the information I couldn't even find because it's not organized properly... but that's a whole other issue. I'd be willing to bet others have this same problem but have accepted it as part of their day but i'm still curious.... Set a timer today ⏰ and comment on how much time you spend looking for information!


Umar Saleem
It is tough to measure the exact time. I immediately start searching for a thing that is troubling my mind. But your idea is excellent, and I will try to hit the start button of the timer whenever I go for a search.
Qudsia Ali
I believe I spend double the time you spend. A few things I almost search daily include a new term or jargon I don't know about, looking for a product online, checking solutions for a particular problem, or a recipe for cooking. We search for so many things that we can't track with a timer.
Sanja Mitar
@qudsia_ali For sure - there is the search when our curiosity strikes but I'm talking about searching through information presented to me like my personal notes, meeting notes, documents...etc. So much time wasted!
Gurpinder Singh
For me its around 1-2 hour/day. A lot of research is required everyday
Sanja Mitar
@gurpinder_singh Isn't that wild!? Imagine you could get those hours back? What would you do with that time?
Jimmy Spikes
It seems like more than i should, but thank you for the qusestion now I know its not a waste of time because now I see that its focus time on research ..Thank you