Backend Dev communities?

Dimitris Karavias
3 replies
I've had success finding frontend developers in dedicated communities like Frontend Mentor or even Twitter. Now I need to hire a backend (Java/SQL/Azure) contractor developer and have no idea where to find them. I prefer communities over job boards or LinkedIn because the conversation starts organically and you can hire them much faster so any recommendations would be hugely appreciated!


Ruud N.
Indie hacking for a free life
My expectation is that backend developers are harder to find in general, especially for start ups. Maybe you can see if there are any relevant meetups on in your area (or even outside your area if it's online). I just checked and there are local Kubernetes and Azure events coming up this month, pretty close to me. I'd probably start there
Dimitris Karavias
Founder, Restep #NoCode
@ruudniew Thanks Ruud! Yes absolutely, much harder so far. Online events will be my only choice, I'm pretty sure there's nothing happening on Naxos island, Greece.
Mark Gilson
developer and customer too
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