Memberships + Payments for SaaS?

Dimitris Karavias
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I'm evaluating a number of options for my SaaS. We currently use Keycloak as an Identity Provider but will probably replace it with a full-service option. Paddle, Outseta, and Memberstack look great, with Paddle's tax handling giving it the lead. However none seem to support Twitter authorization which I'd really like. Has anyone tried any of these platforms plus Twitter (I assume using custom code)?


Chetan Mittal
If you're interested in Stripe memberships, you can check out Rocket (
Matthew Reid
@dkaravias I'm the technical co-founder of We are similar to Outseta but focussed exclusively on payments. We are built on Stripe (so no tax handling with Paddle yet). I'd love to chat more about your use-case with Twitter, maybe we can support you. p.s. We also use keycloak as an identity provider.
Matthew Reid
@dkaravias We now support automatic tax handling thanks to Stripe Tax!