Ask the PH team anything: Launching on PH

Ashley Higgins
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Hi everyone!! In case you haven't heard, in a couple of weeks we're trying something new: hosting an event to share everything you need to know about how to launch on Product Hunt. We'd also like to incorporate answers to the most common questions from the community, so here's your open call to ask us anything in the comments below! To join the event on August 16 at 9am PDT, go ahead and register here:


Sharath Kuruganty
I love this Ashley and team! What's one message you want to give to the makers who are on the edge of launching their products but hold back due to some limiting beliefs they face?
@5harath IMO Makers should read some amazing Launch Tips by the community ( and just SHIP IT :) In case they still hold back, they should just reach out to us. Our team is super friendly and very approachable. Always happy to help :)
Tapos Ovi
Thanks @ahiggz for the opportunity. Can't wait to join the event. πŸ™Œ Highly appreciate it and was much needed. Hopefully, this will be a useful resource for the people like me who are planning to launch soon. Just asking 😬 - Is there any secret sauce only PH team knows about to have a successful launch that most people don't know?
@ahiggz @tapos_ovi IMO, there is only one secret sauce I know of - GREAT PRODUCT!! Great products, irrespective of anything, will connect with the PH community. Prepare well for the launch by keeping all assets ready, and be active. Launch day energy is CONTAGIOUS :)
Jarod Xu
Thanks for the great work! We are launching Trickle this week. Itβ€˜s perfect opportunity to do a review by join the event. πŸš€ πŸ’—
Gaurav Goyal
Looking forward to the event.
@gauravgoyal_gg πŸ™ When can we expect Scalenut on Product Hunt? πŸ˜‰
Bertha Kgokong
Looking forward to it, great work
Daphna Tsachor
Can't wait for the event! just in time for me as I'm quite new in this community and loving it so far :D A question for you: Do you have any stats about the success rate on PH vs real life? For example - how many of the products that were on your top 5 actually reached their goals (be it fund raising; lead gen; growth; etc)? Is there a type of company that is more likely to benefit from a PH launch?
Mehmet Yitmen
Thanks for the great work! One thing that I have in my mind is that, tips to get as much as feedback for a mvp from the community...Looking forward to the event...
@mehmet_yitmen Sure thing, Mehmet! For MVP sort of products, you can also try Ship ( to build a community of early users and make changes to your product through community feedback. You can also brainstorm ideas here in discussions :)
Naomi Chao
Oo nice timing, thanks! What tools do makers use to track their launches and what data should they be tracking?
Hey @naomichao! I saw Gamma's Upcoming Page and also spoke to Grant. Super excited to know about Gamma. Every launch post has a 'Launch Day' dashboard. You can keep referring to this dashboard to track the launch progress. I hope it helps :) For example, you can check Highlight's dashboard here:
dhanilan m.s.
looking forward for it.
Victoria Wu
looking forward for it:)
Sveta Bay
Ashley, that's a fantastic idea! I have sooo many questions and finally will be able to find answers not only in Twitter threads πŸ˜… 1. How do you track fake upvotes (bots, new users, etc.?). When is it checked? Sometimes I see that product gets #1, but on the next day, it has significantly fewer upvotes than product #2. 2. Sometimes I see in real-time that product #1 has fewer upvotes than #2 or even #3. Why does it happen?
@basv Great questions! Our team is very excited to answer questions from the community! Do join :)
Paul Rusyn
Looking forward to the event! Great work!
Stas Voronov
How does a boosted profile affect product ranking algorithms?
Hey @stas_voronov - what do you mean by boosted profile? Like some popular figure?
Stas Voronov
Hey @adityavsc, I mean is it a big difference if you publish a product from the almost new profile (with 10-20 points) or if you post from a profile with >200 points?
Philippe Denier
Hi @ahiggz What were some examples of Hunts that launched a previously unknown Product from 0 to Hero that stuck with you? And what do you think made them so successful?
Daniel Burns
Thank you for this wonderful opportunity @ahiggz, can't wait to attend this event! As someone who recently found out about the Product Hunt, I'm curious to explore all the possibilities within the platform
Daniel Burns
@ahiggz @adityavsc That'd be a great title to start with ;)
Hey Ashley, logging into that page doesn't seem to work :(
Cristina Bunea
@dorian_grolaux hey Dorian! can you please let me know what error you're getting? what did you use to log in?
@cristinaibunea I can't really even login, if I just press the login button on that page it immediately shows an error message (which I cannot seem to share as a screenshot here 😬) But it says: ERROR Sorry, an error occurred. We're aware of the issue and working on getting it resolved. Please refresh this page to try again. if I try to reload the page, I then get: We’re having a problem logging you in. Please refresh the page, and then try again.
@cristinaibunea @dorian_grolaux seems like I've figured it out. Is this also your account ? If yes, I can go ahead and merge your accounts which will resolve this :) You can also reach out to our team on Intercom. We will be more than happy to help :)
@cristinaibunea /@mrskwiggs /@mrs @adityavsc Yes that's also my account. Interesting! Yes go ahead for merging :) Thanks all πŸ™
@dorian_grolaux I've merged the accounts. You should be fine to login now. If you still face some issues, do let us know!
Camilo Noa |
Thank you guys for your amazing job, I'll launch XFX and this event will help me a lot.
Maksym Kuchur
Just nice to be a part of this community!
Hey @maksymkuchur - welcome to the community. When can we expect xTiles launch? :)