[ChangeLog] 10/1/21 Updates - Product Hunt

Ashley Higgins
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We encourage our makers to build in public and we could stand to take our own advice. We've done this in the past, but it's time to restart the tradition of sharing our product updates with our users. We want you to see what's going on under the hood and keep you posted on the latest and greatest features. We'd love to hear back from you if there is a change you are particularly excited about (or not). Drop us a line in the comments!

October updates 🍂🎃

New product post flow, including a new way to schedule launches Now it's easier for makers and hunter to post new products. This starts with better documentation for newcomers, as well as a slick new flow for both new and veteran users alike. An improved scheduler tops it off and helps users maximize the time their launch is on the homepage. All this should make launching a product faster and easier than it's ever been. Adjusted unsubscribe copy in the footer of our newsletter It is more straightforward to manage your email preferences (or just unsubscribe) from the newsletter. This will be rolled out to all emails soon, we have to make a few tweaks to get the rest of this working just right. Redesigned homepage We clean up pretty nice. We've been making improvements to our design language across Product Hunt, but we held off on making a big change to the homepage until now. We are proud to introduce a clean new design that will look great across platforms. Fixed follower notifications You might have noticed an uptick in notifications from users you follow. It turns out we had a small bug preventing users from getting all their friends' posts. Have fun supporting the folks you follow. It's a secret We've silently released a new feature that we will widely release at the end of the year. See if you can find it. *Hint: we're making products more evergreen*


Stefan Smiljkovic
This is an amazing update, @ahiggz! I am so glad you continued the tradition and started posting product updates. This kind of transparency gives people the feeling that something is going on PH, that is not a stale swamp. I like the new homepage re-design, looks minimalistic. Also, it's good to have community topics in the sidebar, which change focus from products only to the community and people. Regarding the follower notification, I was honestly wondering if everything is alright there. Because from weeks ago or even months, I started getting fewer notifications. Anyway, I am always happy to be part of something evolving and improving. Definitely, we can feel your fresh energy, Ashley! Keep it up! Peace,
Yucel F. Sahan
We loved the new homepage and surely submit page. Congrats team!
Ashley Higgins
@yucelfaruksahan Thanks so much! I think the submission flow is so much more user-friendly now (not to mention prettier)!
Nishith from True Sparrow
Have been digging the redesigned homepage! Great job. #buildinpublic
Julian Green
I like the new home page @ahiggz . The seemingly infinite paginated reverse chronological scroll is cool and performant. It will be interesting to see how often I go back multiple days to see things I've missed. It would be fun to be able to jump to a particular date too.
Ashley Higgins
@juliangreensf Check out "time travel" under the main nav menu and you can navigate to any day in history!
Julian Green
@ahiggz thanks - I see it Products/Time Travel - very cool. @ericg Mapbox on 1/1/14 looks like the first #1 Product! Seems a long time ago.
Marinee Pongpriboon
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Agnes Stone
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Yai Samana
Thank you for the insightful [ChangeLog] 10/1/21 Updates on Product Hunt. Your commitment to transparency is commendable, showcasing the enhanced product post flow and redesigned homepage. PGSLOT is particularly thrilled about the upcoming evergreen feature! Your dedication to user experience is evident, and we appreciate the effort to keep us informed. Looking forward to the continued evolution of Product Hunt.
Siriya Prewnon
Thank you for the exciting October updates on Product Hunt! Your commitment to transparency and user engagement is commendable. The new product post flow, redesigned homepage, and improved unsubscribe options showcase your dedication to user experience. สล็อตเว็บตรง is thrilled about these enhancements, especially the secret feature hinting at making products more evergreen. We eagerly anticipate its official release. Keep up the fantastic work, and we're excited to continue our journey with Product Hunt!