Are you using retroactive analytics on your website?

Fabian Maume
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I was recently reading smartlook's article on the topic of retroactive analytics: And I was thinking that is highly relevant to early-stage startups. I'm personally using smartlook on my project QApop, and it saved me a few times to be able to generate heatmaps from historical data. When you are in the early stage, you typically don't know what you should be tracking. It happened to me numerous times that I realized that I'm not tracking the proper conversion goal in google analytics. Unfortunately, google analytics start tracking conversion once you set up the goal. So you need to wait a few months after setting up the goal to analyze data... when you are an indie hacker you do not want to waste 2 months, just waiting for data. Analytics tools with the ability to make retroactive analytics are unvaluable to avoid this.


Michael Alvarez
I actually had the issue with Google analytics, we forgot to setup one goal, and waited 3 months to get the data. I will check out Smartlook Qualitative Analytics
Carlos Parker
Yes, we are indeed using retroactive analytics on our website. This allows us to understand past user behavior and trends to optimize the overall user experience and continually improve our site.