Are you "addicted" to any apps? If yes, which, and what do you make of that.

Joel Rabinovich
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I'm wondering what this community thinks about apps which make you addicted to them. Do you consider this to be a beneficial feature or should apps refrain from navigating these waters?


Joel Rabinovich
I'll start! I consider myself to be addicted to TikTok, I wake up every day to see it, and go late into the night just stuck watching my screen. I do this because I love the app and the content, but is this actually a good thing? I constantly tell people "I really love TikTok and that's the reason why I wouldn't recommend it".
Alex Black
TikTok is the most addictive app for me at this time. Can't stop watching sometimes...
Daniil Glezer
Facebook just can't stop looking at memes
Alice Rodgers
Insta stories and Tiktok
Julia Doronina
Instagram. all day, all night :)
Joanna Jachuła
Definitely Spotify - now I cannot imagine how I was living without it. I don't have to think about the next song - just start the dedicated playlist. It's really useful during work when I need music as a background. Right now, I don't see any disadvantage in this addiction.
Joel Rabinovich
@asia_jachula I agree with you! Spotify doesn't require you to be watching your screen all the time, which makes the addiction a positive thing imo :D
Spotify and Pinterest.
Joel Rabinovich
@soylakate Never tried Pinterest, would you recommend I give it a try?
@joel_rabinovich Oh, it's a place for inspiration and a storage of countless images. You can take a look :)
Daria Donato
Honestly, Candy Crush the gaming app. And it's had my attention captured for 5+ years. Kudos to them!
Joel Rabinovich
@ddc_ Completely agree! I used to play it A LOT but I was able to get off it. My mom on the other hand plays this every day, any moment she can
Wael Khattar
I jump around from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin, each for a different purpose. I also use Duolingo on a daily basis, and play around with Nonogram.
Joel Rabinovich
@wael_khattar1 I feel you have a pretty diversified app usage portfolio, and it shows you use them for productive reasons! Kudos to you :D
Sofia Polonska
definitely apple music and shazam)
Anton Ross
Youtube is very distracting. You constantly open and scroll through the tape in search of new videos. I periodically delete the application
Niranjan R
I recently discovered CARROT Weather . Never been more interested in atmospheric pressure and UV indices in my life. Wouldn't say I'm addicted, but it's the first thing I open when I pick up my phone now. Weather with a personality is how I'd describe it :P
Nik Hazell
Strava 🚴🏻‍♂️🏊, which I don't mind, but also Insta, which I don't like being so stuck to!
Ryan A. Hamilton
Can't Live without Spotify :)
Evgeny Medvednikov
For personal notes this is Google Keep. For productivity this is For docs this is Google Docs. and Feedly for reading news and blogs
Anupama Panchal
I am addicted to Notion 2.0 . I use it for everything i can 🤟
Swan Bella
Yes I am addicated to canva tool because I love photo desigining. If you want to develop any car parking application development then please visit:
Cathy Sanders
yes, I am addicted to Snapchat spy apps and it's like a drug. I use it as oftne as possible. I already spy on some devices and going to try new spying apps.
liana merch
We are all addicted these days. The aps i use every single day are: Instagram, Facebook, Duolingo, phone tracker - we use it with my boyfriend for the safety reaosns, Imou life - our home security cameras, email app, spotify. Of course there are more, those where just first ones which popped up in my mind.
George Fell
I have two dependencies or rather two applications that I am addicted to, I'm talking about Instagram and TikTok. What am I doing with this? I watch more videos about rich people showing their expensive cars, houses, and how they relax on the beaches and in mountains and I immediately close these applications and start making money. I use all the ways to do this including the casino agen 77betsport. Maybe you'll say I'm crazy, but it works for me.