Are hunters still relevant?

Joel Rabinovich
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Hello to all! Although I'm new to this community, I have been reading around and I have noticed something peculiar about hunters. From what I've seen, I believe hunters have slowly become less important in the app. Most of the featured launches are hunted by their makers, and I find this to be better than having an external person doing this for you. Because of this I wanted to ask this community what is the value added by hunters, and also, do you believe that Product Hunt will eliminate that title in the time to come? :D


Ruben Wolff
When you get your product hunted, the hunter's followers receive an email saying what the person is hunting today. So you benefit from another, quite big audience to support your launch and to get more visibility. So no, I don't think PH will get rid of hunters in a near future haha Also getting hunted is a sign of quality and trust-worthiness when you think about it :)
Joel Rabinovich
@rubenwolff From what I've seen, isn't the mass mailing feature fro hunters disabled? I understand the value behind this, but from what I understand, this doesn't happen anymore...
Ruben Wolff
@joel_rabinovich I didn't think it was, but I might be wrong
Fabian Maume
Hunter are less important than before. But the hunter's followers are still getting in-app notification for the product launch. The notification is forwarded as an email, if the follower has the email notification setup.
Kyle Frost
Just to clear up a few things, when a hunter hunts a product: 1. *Hunter* followers do not receive an email, only in-app notifications. 2. *Maker* followers receive in-app notifications and an email IF the product makes the homepage. Hunters are an important part of the PH community, but building your personal following as a maker and PH community member can be just as important. Finding a hunter shouldn't be a seen as a roadblock to makers who want to launch on Product Hunt :)
Imran Khan
@kylefrost Thanks for the info! This should be made into an official FAQ.
Nik Hazell
@kylefrost @strongsoda Kyle - this is very useful, thanks!
Anton Ross
If you start preparing for the launch at the start of development, you can develop your account and get a good audience yourself. This will be useful when launching new products in the future
Vahe Abelyan
It is good that it is not as important now as it was before, coz if you don't know any Hunters personally, it doesn't mean you can't make great products :)
Joel Rabinovich
@vahe_abelyan Agree!! Product Hunt should be apps by the people for the people haha no famous hunters should be needed to succeed
Sofia Polonska
Sure they are! Especially when their audience is matching your product)
John Ulrey
It's a helpful interest over the long haul since it's tough thermal label printer and can keep going for a considerable length of time.