CARROT Weather

Redesigned to deliver crazy-powerful and snarky forecasts

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Thanks for the hunt, Rob! It was tough making such major design changes to a popular app when no one was really demanding an overhaul, but I had been dying to bring CARROT's iOS app more in line with her ultra-customizable Apple Watch app. It turned out even better than I expected. I don’t think you can possibly have more fun checking the weather now :P One feature I want to highlight is that I finally got a chance to let users change CARROT's personality. By adding friendlier options, this allowed me to get much, much meaner with CARROT's homicidal mode. Plus you can finally turn off CARROT's personality entirely, so you can transform her into this awesome professional weather app. Happy to answer any questions about the redesign. Just make sure you don't poke CARROT's ocular sensor!
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Huge new redesign from the always fun CARROT Weather app by @BrianMueller333! Apple profiled Brian and his CARROT apps here
Love it! The hourly weather information being front and center is great! Love the little people characters that get shown. Premium Club is interesting and raises my curiosity.
I've always loved CARROT! Y'all are awesome.
and for android?
@krgame26 no immediate plans, but maybe someday!