Are you a cat person or dog person?

Utku Uzun
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Qudsia Ali
I'm a cat person. I have two cates, Jinger and James.
Utku Uzun
@qudsia_ali oh so sweet :) I have one cat. She's named after my favorite cereal brand. Her name is Nesquik :D
Adriel Cruz
Even though I don't own one, I super love dogs specially puppies
Ezzat Suhaime
Cat. I like their independence. Too bad I'm allergic
Utku Uzun
@ezzat Me too... I have been living with my cat for 8 years and it's been challenging a bit. But I love her. :)
Tom Brat
I love dogs. They are so loyal
bi al
I'm a dog person, although I don't have a dog.
Jennifer Guerra
I'm a cat person. I love that they are independent. I have 3 cats, Totto, Estrella, and Vaquita 🐱🐱🐱
Jennifer Guerra
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Siena Romes
I love both! We had dogs last year, but they all passed away sadly. Now, we have 3 cats.
Tahir Ali
I am a dog person. I own one German Shepherd and have named him Mike.
Sandra Djajic
I love both! But, I do have a special place in my heart for cats. I had a Siamese cat called Frodo that I grew up with (he made it to 18 years old!), and he was the loveliest little guy.
Utku Uzun
@inesfenner I loved his name! I'm so sure he was so cute. 😇 Also it would be a good choice to find him a friend called Sam. 😀
Utku Uzun
@inesfenner My cat named Nesquik (my fav cereal brand) and to be honest I have been thinking about naming my new cat Cheerios. My second fav cereal brand 😂
Bilal Anwar
I like fluffy cats. 🐈🐈
Tracy Williams
Definitely dog. I have one called Teddy and thinking about one more.
Muhammad Ajmal Khan
Everyone has their own liking and disliking. I personally love to have parrots as my pet.
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Nick Bess
I can't choose as I have both a cat and a dog, and I can't imagine my life without them. Both of them require time and care (well, my dog needs it more because of walks), and fortunately, I found the Pet express blog that provides me with much useful info, but they are great pets that became my friends and family members. And it is so great to come back home and see how they are glad to see me.
Peter Johnson
Currently, I have a golden retriever. But in my office, I have virtually adopted two cats. I feed them, I play with them, I click pictures with them, and make everyone go aw…