Are there any unicorn startups built on No-Code?

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Kit Fach
I'm sure there are some that started using no-code and even more using no-code software to take care of key parts of their business. But personally, I would think that as companies get to unicorn status with the amount of investment capital they would have raised at that point, they probably have engineers in house custom coding at least some parts. Custom solutions end up being cheaper in the long term once you have enough resources to invest in them, and have a high caliber of software engineer to create a good solution. I do think no-code rapidly speeds up the time to develop an MVP and can save a lot of time for a growing start-up. Personally, one thing I wish I would've done sooner as a co-founder is to switch our payments system to something like Chargebee. We spent a lot of time custom coding payment processing and integrating stripe and in the end spending the money on Chargbee saved us money long term, and we'll probably use them for a long time.