Any marketing advices for Black Friday?

Ege Yalçınkaya
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Since not much left until Black Friday, do you have any recommendations for marketing tips and tricks? I own a SaaS product and looking for campaign ideas.


Barış Bingöl
This seems to go over the head of a lot of people but, check whether black friday is the right time for you or not! For example, if you have a lot of competition, you might consider doing a campaign just before black friday!
Muhammet Çalış
You can create an audience by signing up for discount groups and forums
Jack taylor
There is little time left. But find some thematic groups and share some offer.
Angi Bowman
Is your target user expecting a BFCM offer? Lucky Orange is a conversion optimization SaaS. We have users from all industries, but a large portion of them are in e-commerce. We spent many years trying different BFCM strategies, and really that was the best way for us to learn. --> Our e-commerce users are focusing on their own BFCM strategies and offers, so if we want to target them, we have to start in the summer when they are developing said strategies. We had more successful showing how to use Lucky Orange to improve your website and prepare for BFCM rather than waiting for the big event. --> The vast majority of our target audience aren't looking for BFCM deals on their techstack. Even if you provide deep discounts, they aren't looking for a SaaS on BFCM. Targeted ads get lost among the rest of the BFCM deals. If they aren't running their own BFCM promotions and focused on supporting the seasonal influx of traffic, they are doing personal BFCM shopping while enjoying a holiday break (for Americans at least). Bottom-line: You never know until you try. We found that new users who were interested in our BFCM prep offers were more likely to upgrade than those few who actually took advantage of the actual BFCM offer.
Alina Ihnatiuk
Build Your Black Friday Email List. Schedule Your Popups. Experiment with Timing. Make Your Sale Memorable. Use the Element of Surprise. Offer More Benefits. Make Your Subject Line Stand Out. Don't Ditch The Offers & Coupons. Create Pre-Sale Brand Curiosity.
Ira GI
Bright product packaging Coupons and discounts for your next purchase Nice bonuses (sweets, postcard) If you have a store - non-standard employee uniform
Lynsey Moyer
I suggest you check out this article about 7 marketing techniques to improve Black Friday sales, it is comprehensive and has a lot of useful ideas!