Real-time mentions of your startup from social & the web

Awario is a social media monitoring tool - a real-time search engine of sorts. It lets you monitor mentions of your brand, competitors, campaigns, or anything else across social media and the web at large, and measure how the word-of-mouth around your product grows over time.

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Been a happy user for couple months. I monitor brands of my clients, names of my professional friends and favourite experts to learn more about them.

I also use some complex queries to monitor for new work, for example I list links to job subdomains of all the HR platforms (workable, breezy, lever, vervoe, etc.) in combination with specific keywords I am interested in. Works pretty good at catching ton of these mentions from twitter.


Very straightforward and easy to use, but can also do all sorts of complex queries, with some creativity I can find very specific things


Reviewing lots of keyword mentions can be overwhelming, deleting is not as smooth, better grouping of similar mentions would be nice

Thanks a ton Jan. Interesting use case with monitoring jobs - wouldn't have thought of this myself!
Howdy Product Hunters! Bumped to be on Product Hunt! We built Awario for entrepreneurs and marketers to let you keep track of social media conversations and press mentions - both of your own brand, competitors, or - quite literally - anything else you'd like to track. Awario looks for mentions across Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Reddit, News and Blogs, and the web at large. Check Awario out, particularly the Boolean search option (available in the free trial and all plans) - a super flexible way to set up your mention alerts so that you can get precisely the results you want. Feel free to ask me anything below, share your thoughts on Awario, and please help us spread the love!
Been using this tool since the AppSumo LTD Highly recommend to take the hassle out of social following Plus really enjoying the blog content :)
@sk_dub thanks! Passing it on to Alina, our blog editor :)
Honestly I’m a bit sorry for Awario being hunted because I wanted it just for me:) Amazing tool, using it for a few mounts now.

I used to work for a higher end competitor to Awario. Now, I’m at a startup running marketing where I don’t have a huge budget. Awario gets me enough of the info I need day to da, and the price and value work out well.


Useful, good price


Not as many features as some enterprise tools