A crazy idea: Do you think a product for disabling all smart features is viable?

Bogomil Shopov - Бого
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I want to create an app to limit/disable all smart features of a phone for a specific time to help people addicted to their phone to do something for their mental health. They will be able to use the phone as a phone only device and probably will allow very specific apps to be used - something very critical for their health. Do you think this is a crazy idea or you find something nice in it? I'd love to hear your comments as well :)


Michael Rada
Dear Bogomil, it would be great to have the app, but you have to be prepared that everyone from phone producers, to app developers, would be against your app and you will not be able to sell it in official app stores. It will be even claimed to contain viruses and be dangerous. The reason is that with ADDICTION become the user GOLDEN GOOSE for many, so to end up the addiction is not welcome for them
Bogomil Shopov - Бого
@michael_rada You are absolutely right. I am not afraid of the giants :) and we as a community need to be more vocal about it.
Svetlozar Stoyanov
It's not that crazy. However there are some alternatives that do approximately the same: a) iOS - has time limits b) Freedom.to - can block internet access for apps by websites, which doesn't cover all smart features, but majority and additionally is works on phone and desktop. What smart features do you mean?
Bogomil Shopov - Бого
@svetlozar_stoyanov7 everithing, but phone and your health related apps like call an ambulance or monitor your heart pacemaker for example. All of this with a single click!
Svetlozar Stoyanov
@bogomep , could you give an example of an app that can one may want to block and it's not connected to internet?
Minal Joshi Jaeckli
I like your idea 'cause there are so many people who are looking for a mental break our crazy phones. Another use 😬 ('cause I'm guessing you want my 2-cents worth) could also be good for parental control/limiting kids being on the phone too much, but still having the phone calling ability. Have a great day!
Bogomil Shopov - Бого
@minal_at_openelevator thanks! I do want your 2 cents of course :)
Krasimir Tsonev
I like the idea. Sometimes I want to disable everything but I can't put my phone in fly mode because I can't get calls.
Emanuele Caldari
I think it's a great idea and regardless of the tech giants who might not like the idea, if you can build a community of people who are passionate about your idea you won't have to worry about them.
Dawn Veltri
Ok, so as the mother of teenagers, I sometimes turn off all the functionality on their phones when they are in trouble. I want them to have a phone and be able to text me but nothing else. Can I do this on their iphones? Yes. Is it a complete pain in butt to do so? Also yes. It would be cool to have an app that just did it. I would probably also use it for myself. I have an app that tells me to put down my phone that increases my productivity, but I think I would probably use an app that disabled most things.
Bogomil Shopov - Бого
So if the technology doesn't support that, do you have any other ideas on how one can disable (without the possibility to enable it back) all the smart features for a certain period of time?
Sige Chen
Dear Bogomil, I think the motive behind the idea is very good. Though I do want to share my own experience. When I was young, I was addicted to texting and my parents actually disabled most of my phone's features. I could not use my phone to text anymore because of that. Still, it didn't help me to give up texting. During the time I could not use the phone, I was planning what to text with papers anyway. In that regard, I don't think preventing your target users to use the smart features is going to really help them overcome their mental health maybe? In short, I really like the idea but IMHO the problem you are trying to solve is a bit too big to solve just by limit/disable all smart features of a phone.
Bogomil Shopov - Бого
@s_c7 Fair enough! How did you overcome your texting addiction?