Do you run a newsletter? Share it and help me understand something.

Do you run a (niche) newsletter? Please paste the link here and answer me one question - how do you promote it? How do you find and target your audience?


Krasimir Tsonev
I do have a newsletter with ~200 people in it. Initially I promoted it by offering a free ebook if they join. That worked pretty well. The other thing that I did was to add a "subscribe" link to my blog articles and bio sections on the social networks. This didn't work well :)
Kira Leigh
Hey there; yes I do. It's for my cyberpunk indie book series, so pretty niche, all things considered. I've signed up for something called Voracious Readers which gets interested bookworms in my inbox in exchange for a review copy of my first novel. I also work with a freelancer who does FB leadgen ads, which work pretty well, but the quality can be extremely spotty. Not his bad; FB is just goofy with it. As per finding and targeting an audience; it's a bit odd. Generally I'd suggest creating a consumer persona and working outwards to identify niche groups where they happen to live online. Studying up, leveraging data, reading reports on industry trends for what you're doing, figuring out who's doing it, mimic them and do it 10x better. You're going to want lead funnels and offering something of value to get people engaged. Then you want to keep delivering value. Same tried-and-true method, I just apply it to selling books about robots fighting dictators. Where I'm at, I actually had to work backwards. I started with a reader persona but that didn't add up. Oddly enough, it's secretly nerdy techies who want to subscribe, read my work, and truly engage. Not the general bookworm you'd find on, say, book twitter. They're cool, but they're not the ones bringing the most push. It's hard building up an email list, but I'm at about 600. I only really started taking it seriously end of last year. Hope this helps. Good luck :)
Rosie Sherry
I don't put a lot of effort into growing mine tbh. I focus on writing, then sharing what I write on Twitter. I use Revue which also hooks nicely into Twitter.
linda lee
t proved to be Very helpful to me and I am sure to all the commentators here!