Do we need PH community guidelines?

I spend a good amount of time helping (and maybe sometimes trolling :)) in this community and I think we need some kind of guidelines to help us grow. What do you think? What are your top 1-3 things that make you never come back here, so we can change it as a community? There is my list: 1. Search before post - for work-life balance there are at least 7 threads with similar content and for the year eng goals even more. Search the community before post something. 2. Write a good topic - I see topics similar to "A question" or "Twitter?" 3. Add more context to your question - sometimes I see topics like "what do you think about the developer productivity" and then no description. I really don't have time to guess what you are trying to solve. Important: I realize the bages and the points are something you really like, but just adding another topic that was just discusses it's not helping. I do believe that this "habit" building system ditroys the community and generates useless content. Your turn!


Santeri S
Those are some really good points. I agree especially with the redundant posts one. My addition: Be excellent to each other. A little banter or friendly trolling never hurt anyone, but we should also try to actively keep it that way. Afterall we are all here to boost each other's projects.
There's definitely an increasing trend of people posting without any context whatsoever - sometimes with questions to directly try and lead you to their product
Wiktoria Jaszcza
"Add more context to your question" Yes, in some cases it would be good.
This is a great idea and is a good way to introduce new users (such as myself) to the expectations of the PH community and sets it in the right direction from the get go.