A calendar that gives you a dashboard view too?

Vinish Garg
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Is there any calendar tool that gives a dashboard of how much time spent on what types of meetings, with options to support custom metadata for meetings? I am not looking for a todo or productivity app, it should be a calendar tool but that shows me a dashboard with some views of how much time I spend in N days or weeks on specific types of meetings.


Jorge Arango
I don't think this does exactly what you're looking for, but Google Calendar is rolling out a reporting feature that lets you see how much time you spend on different types of meetings. (Based on how many other people are invited.) https://www.theverge.com/2021/8/...
Vinish Garg
@jarango Thanks @jarango. This looks interesting for those who use Google business suite products. However, a platform independent calendar reporting should be nice. :)