Question! Do you like to get your cardio in before or after lifting weights?

Austin Marks
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Before weights
After weights
No weights for me....

@austinmeta 10 min before (like warm up) and 20 min after (more intense)
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@alkimistx Every time you workout? How many days a week ?
@austinmeta 3 or 4 days in a week. Lift like 20 - 30 min. I try to adjust to one hour.
Another option : Alternative days 1 day cardio, 1 day weights
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During a completely separate workout, depending on my goals at the time!
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I like to do it after weights because if I do it before weightlifting, the glucogen reserves in my mussels are very low, and I feel weaker while lifting. However, I don't feel weak while going for a run after a hard lifting session.