What would you prefer?

Austin Marks
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George Koshy
I am not a designer but from a UX perspective, your sign up process should draw in your user. The green background will distract your user from focussing on your signup process. Add color to your elements in the signup process. This will draw your user to take the desired call to action that matters. I am sure qualified UX professionals will be able to give you better tips.
Hosea varghese
I liked both designs😍. But 10 pages seems to be too much🤔. So I think option 2 is better. It actually looks more minimal, even with more content😂😂
Austin Marks
@hosea_varghese Thank you for your feedback! We are afraid that even though its only 1 basic action per page that seeing the (1/10) pages when you get there might deter people from going through with it.
Garri Gabrelian 👾
I'm not a designer as well, but according to UX patterns you want to focus users on important parts. And as it's the part of collecting users info, which can be boring and even annoying part of registration. And if I were you, I would add some funny stuff, like a memes, or illustrations to entertain user and don't get mad while they are giving you their personal info
Austin Marks
@garrigabrel Thanks for the feedback! Something like simple illustrations would be interesting to test out.