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Hi Makers! Our new meetup site is powered by Bevy. JR from the Bevy team is hosting two webinars next week to show you how to use the platform to create and manage events and communicate with attendees. To join the webinar at 4pm PT on Tuesday Feb 25th, follow the instructions here To join the webinar at 9am PT on Thursday Feb 27th, follow the instructions here if you have any urgent questions share them here in the discussion, I'm happy to help.


Miriam Dorsett
Hi @abadesi I hope to attend the webinar. We used the new site for our first meetup of the year here in South Florida and I have a lot of questions. Thank you!
@mdorsett Hello, oh how exciting! Do you have any pics from the event? I'd love to see them. Are you going to join the webinar on Feb 25th or 27th?
Miriam Dorsett
@abadesi We only have one photo! Everyone was busy chatting. My questions are around the email addresses that I have from hosting the last few years, and merging them with the new platform. Also ability to export the new email addresses so that there is one master list? We don't charge for events so I'm curious on that capability in the new site, and also what the sponsor partner options do. I hope to make one of the webinars. I've added them both to my calendar but both dates have conflicting appointments. Thank you!
Shrey Keny
Hey! This is great! Looking forward to attending the webinar on the 27th. I found the new platform really easy to use, especially the integrated email setup. See you there!
Eithiriel DeMeré
I'd like to host in Boulder, CO but not unless someone else is interested in co-hosting.
@nikkielizdemere Thanks Nichole. I checked our meetup survey results and looks like @davidsmooke is in Boulder too - maybe you can connect and collaborate?
Miriam Dorsett
Hey @abadesi will follow up come from questions unanswered in the webinar?
Hi, is there any recordings of the webinars ? I could not attend them.