What is One Thing You've learned from your users/customers this year?

Daniela Passos
3 replies
We all have learned something this year. Either from a Twitter Community you've grown or a B2C/B2B product. If you can choose ONE thing that was really valuable for your journey. What would it be?


Richard Shepherd
That users fall into four categories, tech enthusiast, visionary, early majority, late majority. I have done user interviews with users from all four and now I know which ones are which. The learning is to focus on one type at a time. What's your learning Daniela?
Daniela Passos
@richardesigns That is amazing, thanks for sharing Richard! For my Phovi community, IRL > virtual hangouts > text chats, Highlighting Phovers has been something awesome and leveled up competition and participation, Set the tone early & often, Make it different, fun, and exclusive, create rules, enforce them, and ban trolls (!) :)
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