I am confused within domain extensions? Which one should I take?

Rajan Verma (Aarvy)
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I was looking for a .com domain for my startup IndieHacks but unluckily that was not available. Anyhow, I just wanted to launch it before Black Friday and everything got already delayed so I decided to go with .site bcoz it is cheap. Here is the final URL. https://indiehacks.site/ Do you think it will make any bad impact in long run?


Sreekanth PM
.io, .co will be more good!!!
Yes, .site is not as easy to remember. People are used to .com and local domain extensions (like .de, .nl)
Javier Garcia
Yes, .site may be difficult to remember. Maybe you can try adding some relevant text to your url: indiehackssomethingrelevant.com
Rajan Verma (Aarvy)
@javier_garmart I once thought about it, but don't know why this type of long domains feels much like a funnel than a product to me..
Vikram Sahu ꩜
Yes, the .site is decent but not that catchy enough for all. Also, choosing domain extensions sometimes depends upon what kind of information or application/website is about. Initially extensions like .com,.io,.co goes well with almost every domain name but .in,.tech, .blog are some of the others that are also commonly used... I would like to suggest adding a prefix or suffix to your domain name as @Javier mentioned earlier like indiehacks.tech or viralindiehacks.com or something else...
Rajan Verma (Aarvy)
@javier @snipperbytes I got it. its really hard to remember unitl I promote the full name.. indiehacks.site .. I'll try to get something long like indiegrowthXYZ.... and redirect that here as well.