Need feedback on my landing page

Rajan Verma (Aarvy)
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Could anyone give a genuine feedback on my landing page IndieHacks ?


Richard Shepherd
Hey Rajan. The design is lovely, it feels rather pushy though. Actually, it's very pushy. The timer thing is horrible, it's creating pressure and I do not want to trust the website. The value of the product sounds really good. Hope this helps.
Rajan Verma (Aarvy)
@richardesigns Sure , even I don;t like the timer. I just saw it somewhere and that guy suggested me. I am Glad that you didn't liked it as well. Lol.. Now i have strong reason to remove that. Kindly tell me what would you do to retain people who really want to buy, but procrastinate and eventually forget after leaving the site? I can't track down those that's why I am making them pay within 10 minutes and avail 50% discount I have seen it many places.
Richard Shepherd
@aarvy Could you try creating scarcity instead? Say there are 1000 available, get yours now. Argue that to maintain the value of the product you have to limit the distribution. Dilly dally and you'll miss out. Then you could get rid of the timer. Scarcity is a wonderful way and lots less pushy to encourage a more immediate action.
Corinn Pope
I'd have a native english speaker go through and edit the page. There are a lot of phrases that don't make sense. The first one is in the headline — "Struggling with marketing strategies that doesn't work?" It should be "Struggling with marketing strategies that don't work?". Errors like that continue throughout the page and make me question the quality of the product.
Rajan Verma (Aarvy)
@nniroc I agree there are grammatical errors., But the product has nothing to do with grammar as such.. They are small summarized snippets of discussions as described. But thanks for showing this perspective. I'll try to fix it and get reviewed by someone native.
when I first saw the webpage, it personally reminded me of an advertisement pamphlet. Upon scrolling down, it was very impressive. Thank you.