What is the most tedious part of your day

Dakota L.
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For me it's the start. I shutdown my machine and have to restart all my software in the morning and sometimes remembering where I left off is impossible πŸ˜‚


Hunter Peress
As an NP....the most tedious part of my day actually occurs on an infinitely recursive basis at all times of the day. In other words, when I'm bored (not quite the right word) of a task....it becomes tedious. The trick to getting things done is having another task to dive into while I get unbored, yep I just did that ;-)
Rojay C
I like to wake up real early in the morning so I can hit the gym then come back home to start working on my startup...The most tedious part of my day is switching from my personal Mac to my work laptop which I am about to do in about 7 minutes. I can't wait to start using Mac shortcuts on my Lenovo ahahahah
Dakota L.
@rojay what do you mean by mac shortcuts? I've only ever used windows and linux.
Rojay C
@rojay @fastflowz The shortcuts that I use are just the simple ones like cut, paste, switch screen and display the desktop.... that was before @jimmy_cerone added that helpful link. I might get a little carried away now ahaha
Jimmy Cerone
@rojay @fastflowz @jimmy_cerone haha I was the same - my coworkers have brought me to the dark side haha. Just found a new one today - Command M minimizes a window!
Getting up in the morning! I find productivity a luxury in the morning. I have to begin with small wins to start releasing endorphins, which helps me build up to being productive. 😫
Dakota L.
@boltfeedback I'm the same way haha. I like starting my morning with stuff like emails and pull requests for this reason.
Jessica Ramirez
@boltfeedback @su_kaygun_sayran1 You had me at 'getting up in the morning πŸ˜‚
Lorthemar Theiron
I lose my rhythm in the afternoon when tasks and issues start while I have to balance things such as cooking, dishes, cleaning, etc. Normal life catches up but work pressure builds up. It becomes really tedious to balance priorities (this is the case while working from home).
Miriam Dorsett
lol, for me it's the opposite! The shutdown and forcing myself to stop and rest. Realizing that everything will be there tomorrow and it doesn't make me a horrible entrepreneur/ indicator of my future success if I don't work 18 hours a day every day.
Kopano Gabalebatse
@mdorsett This is absolutely me! I would feel guilty stopping, even at 2am I would be battling whether I should stop. Especially intense is this debate on the days I don't feel tired.
Maya Ben Zid
I never shut down mine. But I fucking hate it when I have to get up and plugin my mac charger. I usually call one of my flatmates to do it for me (:
Elle Werle
Employee reviews. My old company structured them in a way where you just had to look for and list 3 things they did right and 3 things they did wrong in a given quarter. It wasn't helpful. It was very time-consuming to sift through cases to nitpick things that didn't matter. Just a terrible process all around.
Dakota L.
@ellebelle Reviews can be great, but making it personal doesn't sound like a very healthy way of going about it haha
Jessica Ramirez
You had me at 'getting up in the morning' πŸ˜ƒ
Lokesh Taneja
Most tedious part of my day is juggling meetings and deadlines when its time for my huskies daily 2 hour stroll through the city - rain/shine/snow/wind doesnt matter
Nathan Lively
Submitting support requests. Things break every day.
Harshil Sharma
For me it's the later morning, when I switch from my side project to my job work.
Cezary Dobrowolski
Finding that sweet spot in the middle between "I need more sleep" and "I slept too long" :o
Danica Pierce
Answering emails/checking messages. Only 1% of them are actually useful, lol
Khalid Belghiti
When for some reasons I am having meetings planned all the day... I usually can't focus on anything productive and spending the next hour just waiting for the next meeting. I'm trying to block my calendar now and keep myself available only 2 hours per day for different meetings.
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Jan StanΔ›k
To stop whatever I was working on to prepare something to eat
Jessica Zech
It can get tedious to sort through email, Asana and Slack in the morning to respond to requests or questions from the previous day. Sometimes, it prevents me from jumping into my high-priority tasks and eats up my valuable, productive morning hours. I try to get through it as quickly as possible!
Dibya Sahoo
Keep working with same energy after lunch πŸ˜‚