Landing Page Tools

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Folks, what are some of the best landing page tools you have used? Also, it'd be great if you could mention why you like them. Thanks!


Chirag Dhanwant Rathod
Do give swipepages a try. I like them because of the following reasons: Google AMP pages, self hosted, can itegrate payment gateway, forms, 2 way forms etc.
Catalin Ionescu
You might want to give Atrato.Page a look. They've got a great team of engineers and digital marketers who will build and market the landing page for you
Xavier Coiffard
I use Carrd, the designs are clean, that's super cheap and super easy to set-up (even payment functionnality)
Aayush Arora
I used stackblitz during my Draper University Product Launch. They gave a hard deadline to launch and get the users and stackblitz was simplest in those circumstances.
Vardhan NS
Zapier -> for hubspot and unbounce landing pages...
I like custom designs for that, yet if I had to choose a tool, I may probably choose Publii.
Tarek Dajani
I use carrd as well, very simple, cheap and to the point.
Eduard Khorkov
I like UnicornPlatform, but it's niche to startup landing page.