Looking for creative ways to market our app outside of social media, thoughts?

Aaron Scicchitano
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The app is a smart contact list that's always up-to-date and it's free.


Aaron, that's a great question to ask, although it's a bit of a hard one to answer...without more detail that is. My first question would have been "Well, what is your product and what does it do?" But that's clearly listed on here so we can knock that one off the ledge. I'm downloading it right now so I can get a feel for it and understand it better, but I'd totally be up for a conversation with you to learn more about all that you offer. From there I would have a better idea of what direction would be best to head in for further marketing opportunities.
Aaron Scicchitano
@_jason_michael hey JMR let's talk when you have some time. My email is aarons@homepageapp.com or you can find me on HomePage!!!
Oh, one last thing, Aaron. I don't recall Product Hunt having a messaging app ever, so if you'd like to send me a DM with more questions or anything, feel free to find me on Twitter/Instagram: @JMRDetroit
So, Aaron - yeah, definitely get ahold of me when you get a chance. You've got a great idea going here and I like the direction you're heading in, however, to be completely transparent, after about 15 minutes, I absolutely had to delete the entire app from my iOS. I'm more than happy to share with you my findings, but I'm afraid if you took this to market for monetization right now you'd be setting yourself up for a lot of disgruntled customers, an overflowing support department, and you'd really stain your branding - which is done quite well. You've got a great product/service concept, but in real world practice, the software is not practical or useful and the entire app is very unstable. Crashes on my about every 30-45 seconds...
Darko Williams
It's really hard to give you ideas without getting more information on what you rapp is about, "smart" can mean 1000 things.
Jessica Mansourati
Depending on what the app is and what you want to market, I'd say offline marketing can be very powerful. Let me know what you're trying to do and I'll do my best to reply :) feel free to check out the app we launched here today as well! we have lots of offline marketing audio clips for you to be inspired from
Pavan Sethi
Gonna throw a random idea out for you - rent a billboard. I heard they're pretty cheap right now and you could share pics of it online too.
Dibya Sahoo
The best way is to write long-form content around user problems which somewhere your app is solving. I call it tutorials- it can be video series also. That's the best organic way, but requires a lot of patience. This is what which I learned and following for my product GradeMyEmail also.
Hunter Peress
Before COVID I would say hold a meetup with free food ;-) And in 3-9 months that will soon be a reality again ;-)
Pritam Chougale
Find out prospects and run a drip email campaign. Give it for free initially then for some premium feature charge as little as you can. Try this approach.
Misha Nelson
Outdoor advertising, Outreaching Tastemaskers CH
John Mirochnik
You can do a demo (over zoom and post-pandemic in person) for a local startup and business community. I guess location doesn't matter anymore so it can be a demo using Zoom. I used to go events hosted by Boston Innovators (link below): http://www.bostoninnovatorsgroup... People presented their ideas and got a lot of exposure to possible customers and investors. Every big city has something similar.