Building a Community for a critical mass app

Aaron Scicchitano
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Hey everyone! I would really appreciate any feedback you have on how to go about gaining a community of users rather than individual users. Our app that launched last month ( is doing well gaining users but because it's a smart contact list and communication app, it functions optimally when other users you know are on there. Thoughts on how to go about building a community of sorts? Thanks!


Elle Werle
Try getting an entire organization on board, whether it's a school, office, nonprofit, or something else entirely.
Gus Sachdev
It's not easy, I plan to launch in few weeks and have the same issue. Here is what I plan to do 'Instead of being everything for everyone - I plan to focus on narrow groups. Like LGBT community of Texas, or poker players in Austin.' I plan to nurture the initial communities (clean their house if required) - do what it takes to seed the idea!