If you were to start a YouTube channel, what kind of videos would you post?

Hannah S Kim
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With many of us working from home and looking for different creative outlets, a few of my friends have mentioned starting their own YouTube channels as a hobby/side project. Have you been considering this as well? If so, what would your channel be on? If you already have your channel, feel free to share it in the comments! Would love to check it out.


Codo logix
i think informative video will be best
Fabian Maume
My youtube channel is just a set of Growth hacking tutorials (in line to what I was doing on medium). I'm preparing a new channel for QApop.com which will be showing how to use the tool (doing something similar to Phantombuster channel)
Hannah S Kim
@fabian_maume Very cool- and also so useful! Thank you for sharing :)
Aaron O'Leary
Personally food channel for sure! Although I do prefer tiktok and reels to youtube now
Hannah S Kim
@aaronoleary Yes, there are so many great food channels on YouTube. Had to delete my Tiktok because it was too addicting lol
Dragos Bulugean
Probably programming advices for beginners and interesting challenges
Genia Trofimova
I researched this topic too, and found out that sharing your experience is a good topic to start, as people often use Youtube to "google" about problem solving. I plan to start on the topics around building a startup, accelerators, product management, how to start, being a woman in tech/startup world.
Not Youtube, but I've thought a lot about starting a twitch or other livestream channel around daily stuff. Could be around investing/trading, programming, playing games, or travelling. I like the livestream medium a bit more since the audience is okay with genre shifts from day to day. They also generally have a lower bar for production quality (I mean in terms editing/cutting on a video).
Hannah SPL
Interviews with fascinating people in your field
Hannah S Kim
@hannah_lontt Would totally watch this. This would be great as a podcast as well
Kayelynn Phillips
i think i would post anime texting stories, anime character asmr for comfort, and reverb and slow down sad songs, and make gacha life videos :)
Radu-Sebastian Amarie (Eek)
I think I'd do something about Artificial Intelligence, maybe something related to Generative Adversarial Networks and how to build them (they're the same used to generate realistic looking photos / videos / etc). Or just tech in general.
Paul Andre
Back in March, we had to stay at home. Looking ahead I thought to myself what would be a good skill to learn during these times and I saw the huge rise in live streaming video. From April to June I learned and acquired everything I needed from software to hardware on how to live stream. By July I launched my first episode of the SEO Video Show https://youtube.com/c/seovideoshow . And this past weekend, 5 months later, I hit 1000 subscribers! 🥳🎉 I've networked and met more people staying at home in the past few months than I have in the past few years at events. LOL My topic is so niche, but I love talking about SEO, and like @hannah_lontt said interviewing people in the SEO industry has made me a better SEO. I having a ton of fun and learning a lot at the same time
Hannah S Kim
@hannah_lontt @paul_andre Paul, that is great to hear! And yes SEO is niche, but soo crucial to running a successful business today. My team and I always need help in that department, so I will def check out your videos :)
Kayla Willsey
Honestly, I think I would create an eclectic mix of whatever I wanted to, instead of being confined to a single topic. I know that doesn't necessarily make you popular on youtube (or any social media for that matter), but I think the trap we've been falling into is allowing ourselves to become flat characters, if you know what I mean? Mine would have a variety of music performances, photography tutorials, food inspirations, stop motion animations and whatever else I thought was neat at the time! :D
Gediminas Ratkevičius
I would choose sports overview in specific field i.e. Basketball and i would definitely choose Contribee to monetise my audience.
I would start a channel around things I want to improve/be better. Like a side project, or different things like a hobby (writing, building, crafting). It would help me to stay accountable + it would be 2 in 1: building and audience while practicing/doing the things I find valuable. I don't have a channel though, but I played with the idea in my head, lol.
Libra Queen
I would do like make up or like tutorials and stuff
Adnan Yunus
Yes. It would be around generative content, personal experiments and future of art. The work in progress channel is at https://youtube.com/c/udnaan
Jake Tital
Content around running youtube ads
Vineet Sinha
Bad UX... like, people using apps and stuff, and having reality-tv like reactions... "Did Uber Eats just decline my voucher? Travis why you want me to starve boo" and such. We need a video archive of Bad UX design, so we never make those mistakes again as a species. Video shaming bad design is a start.
I am starting a Brand Account Channel on Youtube and I am putting a lot of "How to" videos. Perhaps if its a hobby channel, then it would be best to give out details on the topic you intend to be covering and best practices and perhaps how celebrities do it .. Just an idea ! Check it out here https://youtu.be/VNrVq4PT86g
Robin Beaudru
Nice question, I would try to make useful tutorials about Bubble for beginners (Design tips, Simple Back-End workflows like referral system) or something like that, with some fun and humour !