How many books did you read in 2020?

Ullekh Niraula
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Hello everyone! Its Dec and 2020 is almost over. The whole year wasn't that good for all including me. Though, i never stopped learning and spent most of my time reading books. Here are the 8 books i read. 1. The 4-hour Work Week 2. Dotcom Secrets 3. The Personal MBA: Master the art of Business 4. Trillion Dollar Coach 5. Your Next Five Moves 6. Elon Musk 7. How I Create Growth Hacking Plans For Startups For $10000 8. Traffic Secrets Please also share the books you read in 2020.


Jasmind Thomas
Do audiobooks, essays and longform articles count? I'm an avid reader but I rarely buy actual books because I don't have the space for them. Though I did just buy Pocket Full of Do by Chris Do of The Futur.
Marian Beck
@jasmind_thomas A book is a book. Doesn't matter if it is digital or spoken in my opinion. I started listening to audiobooks this year and absolutely love it.
Ullekh Niraula
@jasmind_thomas They count. I also don't buy physical books. I have 100's of books in my Kindle App.
Jijo Paul
Worth to read all these books
Marian Beck
I used to read in the subway everyday, which means I usually finished a book every 1 or 2 weeks. This year I did not read a lot, because I have been working from home since March because of Corona ... I did start listening to Audiobooks when out for a run though. My 3 favorite books I read this year are: - Total Recall by Arnold Schwarzenegger (Autobiography) - The Ride of a Lifetime by Bob Iger (Disney CEO) - Justice by Michael Sandel
Ullekh Niraula
@marian_beck And I started reading books while sitting at home during lockdown. How can you focus on Audiobooks while doing your work? I tried a lot of time but couldn't.
Marian Beck
@marian_beck @ullekhniraula I can't while doing work, it's too distracting. I meant while exercising (every morning I go running 45-60 minutes)
Alejandro Cantarero
Not a new read, but the best book I read this year: Hacking Growth - Sean Ellis & Morgan Brown
Jen ✏️
So far, 38. I read the 4-hour work week and am glad I can finally say I read it but it was not my favorite book, by far. There are far better business books out there.
Julia Ching
I read 5 Novels (Rainbirds, Bury What We Cannot Take, An Ocean of Minutes, The Descent of Monsters and Ponti) in 2020. These books helped me to overcome the stress of lock-down.