Tell me your ONE best Growth Hacking Strategy

Ullekh Niraula
9 replies
Have you ever used any growth hacking strategies? What strategy worked the most for you? Please share one! TIA


Richard Shepherd
I know which one I'm hoping is going to work! Referrals.
Max Jennings
Focus on optimising the channel that aligns best with your product. Search for products where there's high purchase intent. Social and community for audience led-products. Find the channels that work for your product, don't try and do everything. The best hacking strategy - build a strong brand narrative with your customers, this will compound the impact of any marketing efforts. It will increase conversion, retention, referrals, search rankings ...
Dragos Bulugean
Engage with other makers/founders and try to take as much value as possible from your conversations with them. You will be surprised to find out how much you don't know
Paul Nica
Giving away free stuff, people just love giveaways.
Pian Istien
Make a producthunt launch :)
Rangarajan Nallappa
ONE best strategy is realising that there is no ONE best. Putting together a strategy for Growth Hacking is based on your brand, audience, product, market and 100 other factors. But most of the times, it's better do 100 things. 50% might work, but you might not know which 50% did. That's the best (and the worst) part about growth hacking.
Kingsley Ijomah
One that I am recently discovering is COMMUNICATION, whilst solving real problems, just talk about what you are working on, what you just finished working on, what is next on the list, what struggles you have and how you overcame it, just keep the TALKING going seems to work.