Freelancers - what portion of your income comes from freelancing?

Ronan Wall
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As it becomes more prevalent, how meaningful is freelancing for you?
0% - 10%
10% - 25%
25% - 50%
50% - 100%


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I mean, I love the idea of being able to completely go freelance, but since I haven't been able to get steady freelance work, it is sticking as a side-job for now. The idea, though, of being free, setting your own schedule, and designing your own day sounds truly wonderful! :)
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@kayla_willsey doesn't it : ) the more i talk to people who have successfully made the transition the more I'm realizing that treating freelancing like a full time job (spending 10-15 hours a week doing promotion, producing high quality content, focusing on a niche, getting on the right platforms etc) is how they got there. And it seems to take ~1 year of that level of effort to build the audience / clientbase to make it sustainable
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@ronanawall that's an interesting take on it- and it makes a ton of sense! (And it also gives no validation to my excuses, so thanks very much for that! XD)
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All of it!